Short Stories

I am tiered, so tiered.

So you ask me “How come?” “Well, let me tell you a Story” I said carrying on.

I arrived in Perth back in 2004. I had just left my Wife of 12 Years marriage. It was over some stupid thing but that is not what this Story is about. Upon arriving in Perth, I met Noela, a Women I had previously met on the Internet where we had discussed the possibility of my staying at her Place of Residence. We got along fine even seem to have a few things in common. The only thing was I hated the Cold Weather. Next I went to Broome to be with my Daughter who needed a Abdominally Operation. I enjoyed my stay with her extremely and to the extent that I might stay there. But I saw my Daughter had a life of her Own and I should stay out of it. I went back to Perth staying with Noela who worked as a Nurse with “Silver Chain” For the next 3 month I lived there paying Rent and reclaiming some of it from “Centrelink” But that had to stop as I now was becoming involved with Noela. The mine obstacle in having a relationship was her Daughter Minola who was suffering from Drug induced Schizophrenia. She was scared that if I moved in, so to speak, she wouldn’t get her Mothers attention. Which she was very much getting use to. Also in the background Noela’s Husband John was demanding Attention even so they separated a few month earlier. To my dismay Noela was that kind of Person to only see Good in People and saw it as her Duty to help everyone. That didn’t sit with me very well. So after a while Noela and I moved to Quairading into a Homes West House. Even so there we lived between 2 Aboriginal Families it was lovely and Quite. After living there for a while we somehow got sick of the Place because Homes West was reneging on their Promises. We had a look around thinking of buying our own Home and so after pooling our Money together we went to find our future Home. There was a Add in the Merredin News Paper for a House for Sale for the Amount of $30000.00 AUD. We offered $28000.00 and made the Deal. There was a lot of work to be done but we decided to move in and do the work as we lived there. A few things were a must, like; a new Kitchen, Air Conditioning, Electric Hot Water System and as we had 4 Bed Rooms there was lots and lots of painting. But we got there and we were Happy. Next we had put on a Shed on the adjourning Property which we had also bought and was included in the $28000.00. We also bought a new Car, a 2007 Mitsubishi 380.Everything was going fine so after long debating we got Married in 2008 We lived in our House for only another Year as my Health slumped downwards. I was diagnosed with a under acting Piturity Gland. By now I also had 2 Stents put into my Arteries as I was experiencing chronic Angina. I must have been Bad in my Youth as next I got Diagnosed with Emphysema, more worries. In 2009 we decided to sell our Home and move closer to better Medical Facilities. The best Place we could find was Northam, which was only 100Km from Perth where the big Hospitals are. So after selling our Property for $126000.00 we borrowed my Daughters Caravan and moved into the Northam Caravan Park. To my Surprise Bev. and Ian Hodges who were old Friends of mine from Nungarin now owned the Northam Caravan Park. We ejoyed our stay there very much until I got sicker again, by now suffering extreme Fatigue, not even being able to put up the Annex of the Caravan. After extensive Test at SCGH in Perth I was diagnosed with “Fibro Myalgia” and to top it off now I had to have 4 Eye Operations. That was Horrible! While I had my Test in Perth, they also found that my Body was riddled with Arthritis. Sometimes one can’t win. By now Noela had to do most things like driving and manual work for me. By now we had Sold my Daughters Caravan for her and we moved into a 32’ Caravan which was much more convenient. Lots more Trips to Perth including for 2 Operations, Umbilical Hernia and another Hernia further down my Abdomen. No more Belly Button, which I suppose makes me related to Adam, he didn’t have a Belly Button either. Next I acquired a “Gopher” also called a Shoprider. Now I had a Walking Stick and a Scooter to help me to get around. Big problem for me was I kept falling over as my Balance was impaired. So I had to attend what they call a “Falls Clinic” to learn not to Fall and if you do, how to get up. I must say the Staff from the Northam Hospital are terrific. Next we shifted again. I couldn’t climb the Stairs leading in and out of the Caravan. This time into a Homes West Unit by the River Avon on which every Year the “Avon Decent” is held. So now we live in a very Quite Area having to have bought all new Furniture, White Goods, Audio and Media Equipment etc. This all added up. We also put in Air Conditioning which we couldn’t have lived without. Our Neighbours were quite and unobtrusive. Noela and I made Friends with the Neighbour who lived opposite us, she was the same age then us. Bea. Is her Name and she is suffering from very bad Skin Cancer. So Noela decided to take her under her Wing and look after her. In my Book it was almost an Obsession. Bea. Is completely Naive, Helpless and she doesn’t trust anyone. She has had 3 Husbands which all of them were abusive. So now Noela looks after her 24/7. Bea virtually lives in our Place and Noela doesn’t see anything wrong in that. Often I have to leave the Room when Bea enters as she is very Laud and I can’t abide by Noise due to my Illness. I have tried Ear Plugs and Headphones but no. Noela drives Bea everywhere she wants to go. If Bea and I have a Doctor’s Appointment falling on the same Day, Noela changes mine. We seem to have drifted apart although she looks after my wellbeing and grants me all of my Wishes. I am now using a Wheelchair if I have to go anywhere in Perth and around anywhere else my Crutches are sufficient. Inside the Unit I have no Problem as I only walk in between the Lounge and the Bed Room. Most of the Day I spend sitting in front of my Computer which after learning “How To” I build myself with Parts that I bought of EBay. My Doctor Stefanie Spencer told me to get a Hobby. So I took over the second Bed Room and build myself a Digital Operated Model Railway on which I try to do a bit every day. I also now have my own Domain and am Building my own Websites (5) I am also writing a Book or better a Novella. Which I enjoy very much, even more so because in School I failed all Subjects related to Writing and because English is my second Language. A old Friend has just gotten in Touch with me, which I am very Excited about. Next Monday Noela drives Bea to Perth again, and hopefully not again until November. It is now 6am and I will make myself some Breakfast and take my morning Tablets etc. That’s all Folks!



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