Paedophile ;Dennis Ferguson

dennis ferguson, alexandria brookes

FORMER LOVERS: Dennis Ferguson and Alexandria Brookes. Source: The Courier-Mail

PEDOPHILE Dennis Ferguson has been reunited with his child-rape accomplice and former male lover – thanks to a Federal Government department.

Ferguson wrote to the Commonwealth requesting information to locate  Alexandria Brookes, three months after he was released from a New South Wales jail.

The Courier-Mail can reveal that Brookes – the man convicted alongside Ferguson in 1987 by Queensland courts following one of the country’s most disturbing child rape cases – was put in contact with Ferguson just eight weeks ago by Centrelink.

Documents show that Centrelink contacted Brookes on July 10, on behalf of Ferguson, passing on a request for contact and providing him with Ferguson’s personal details.

Centrelink claimed it was doing so under a service it provided to clients, which helped them to locate friends and relatives with whom they may have lost contact.

The Centrelink letter reads: “Dear Mr Brookes . . . Mr Dennis Ferguson has contacted Centrelink and asked if we could contact you on his behalf,” the letter read. “If you wish to communicate with the above mentioned party you can reach him at . . .”

The letter was sent only three weeks after Brookes had been rearrested for a breach of his bail conditions which applied to another conviction in NSW in 2001.

At the time of their contact, Brookes was on release under an extended supervision order. He was arrested again on July 29 and is back behind bars awaiting a hearing in October, after an alleged breach of the order which prevented him from contacting certain people.

The pair, then both from Lilyfield in Sydney, were jailed in Queensland in 1987 after abducting three children from NSW, taking them to an Ascot motel in inner Brisbane where the children were raped and subjected to vile and indecent acts.

Ferguson’s presence has caused community uproar after the NSW Department of Housing granted him a five-year lease on a public housing unit in Ryde.

After being released in 1999, Brookes returned to NSW where, two years later, he reoffended, after luring a boy into a toilet where he assaulted him. After being released, he returned to Queensland in 2005, a year after Ferguson was finally released from prison. He was again arrested in NSW in February 2007 and convicted to 12 months imprisonment.

The NSW Government tried to keep Brookes behind bars, applying for a continuing detention order in 2008. The courts rejected the appeal.







Just Doesn’t Register

by Derryn Hinch
Some developments in Victoria over the past 24 hours have given me added proof – as if I needed it – that this country must bring in a national register for sex offenders. Like they have in the United States.  Like they have in Britain. Like they are trying to bring in on a state level in West Australia. Over the past 24 hours I have received emails and phone calls from worried  parents in Narre Warren South.  They believe that one of Australia’s most notorious serial sex offenders against children is living in their town. His name is Dennis Ferguson. Some of the emails were very persuasive. One woman wrote seeking my help although she did say ‘I understand, after your recent troubles, if you choose to ignore me, but this area is a family area, with many children in harm’s way’. The email went on: In the past day, rumours have circulated that convicted paedophile, Dennis Ferguson, was relocated to a house on Ormond Rd, Narre Warren Sth which is where I live and work. This has today been confirmed by a member of Vic Police who wishes to remain nameless’. Then she said: ‘All I am asking is the public is made aware of this situation and the laws be changed to stop vile animals like living among us and on our tax dollar. Please Derryn, help our community in any way possible. The people of Narre Warren Sth are desperate’. Another confused Ferguson with another vile creature nicknamed Mr. Baldy. You can understand their fears. There’s a Pre to Year 12 school only about a kilometre away, a kindergarten and A Catholic primary school not far away. Another concerned resident sent me a text message saying, in part: ‘I’ve spoken to some of the parents from the P-12 school. There’s supposedly a rally planned for Amberly Park shopping Centre at 4p.m. Thursday. There’s a lot of rumour and hysteria amongst the community’. Understandably. But the rumours are not true. I spoke last night to Narre Warren Police and to Police Media. And I received a statement from VicPol that  Dennis Ferguson ‘ is not living in Victoria’. Full stop. A categorical denial.   This morning I received this statement from Victoria Police: ‘There has been speculation via facebook regarding alleged sightings of convicted paedophile, Dennis Ferguson. Victoria Police can confirm that this information is entirely incorrect. Dennis Ferguson is not living in Victoria. We would also like to stress that members of the community should not take matters into their own hands regarding any of the apparent sightings’.   It seems Narre Warren South and specifically  Ormond Road were mentioned several days ago on that, not always reliable, paedophile watchdog internet site called Mako. In fairness, the article did say the sighting was unconfirmed. Somebody without proof also started a Facebook page called ‘Get this guy out of the Narre Warren Sth area’. An official national register of sex offenders would scotch these rumours before they spread.  It works well in the United States. As I said on air when I got released from House Arrest the official Californian Government site says: ‘Welcome to the California Department of Justice’s Internet website, which lists designated registered sex offenders in California’. Many  American states now have government internet sites listing the photos, crimes and current addresses of sex offenders. Hundreds of them. That information is easily available to the public and there has not been a wave of vigilante violence since President Bill Clinton signed a Federal Megan’s Law in 1996  requiring states to disclose to the public information about sex offenders. In Britain they have a similar law called Sarah’s Law. Why don’t we have it here?  What’s even worse in Victoria is that we not only don’t have a public register, our courts go to great length to suppress the names, photos, addresses of the most serious, serial, sex offenders as part of a deal when they let them back into an unsuspecting community. Many of them, like Dennis Ferguson, refused any rehabilitation courses in jail and many, again like Ferguson have nil chance of  curbing their behaviour.

WHAT on earth were Brett Collins and Dennis Ferguson thinking? The strategy of releasing a photograph to the media of Ferguson giving the  thumbs-up to an unidentified photographer on Coogee Beach seems like madness and  will almost certainly reignite calls for the notorious child sex offender to be  hunted down and banished from the undisclosed Sydney suburb he has now made his  home.

Defiance or an attempt to ease community fears? ...  Dennis Ferguson, left,  and Brett Collins at Coogee Beach. The photograph was provided to the  <i>Herald</i> by Mr Collins.Defiance or an attempt to ease community fears? …  Dennis Ferguson, left,   and Brett Collins at Coogee Beach. The photograph was provided to the   Herald by Mr Collins.

And unleash a potentially bigger and more violent response than we saw  before.

Advertisement &amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;iframe id=”dcAd-1-4″ src=”;cat=federalpolitics;cat1=societyandculture;ctype=article;pos=3;sz=300×250;tile=4;ord=5.0681893E7?&#8221; width=’300′ height=’250′ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/iframe&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

But could it also be a genuine, albeit high-risk, attempt by Collins – a  staunch defender of Ferguson from the outset – to make us think more deeply and  carefully about our reaction to Ferguson’s presence in the community? The picture is unquestionably disturbing, carefully framed as it is with  toddlers playing in the surf behind the two men. For those who can – or want –  to remember them, it is immediately reminiscent of the images of children on the  sinister video taken by the notorious pedophile Robert ”Dolly” Dunn which was  played in evidence to Justice James Wood’s royal commission into the NSW Police  Service more than a decade ago. Of course, Collins and Ferguson are not at the beach to offend. They are thumbing their noses at the lynch mob, a perception reinforced by  the timing of the photograph’s release to coincide with the apprehended violence  order application against Ferguson’s chief antagonist, the Ryde resident Sean  Killgallon. Those who know him say the stunt is pure Brett Collins, which recent  evidence bears out. Recall how Collins responded to residents’ demands that Ferguson be banished  by turning up on his doorstep for the television cameras while cradling a bunch  of flowers as a housewarming gift. The toddlers playing in the background of this beach picture will be  instantly identified by their parents. The residents of Coogee may be concerned about the suggestion it puts forward  that Ferguson has moved to their area. And many readers may also feel outrage at  the Herald’s decision to publish the photograph. There are shades of the Bill Henson affair in this. And, although this  photograph is certainly not art, there is no question that just as Henson’s  provocative images of children created fierce debate about censorship in art,  this episode will get the public thinking about the equally difficult issue of  rehabilitating pedophiles. It’s an issue that, so far, as a society we have  failed dismally to resolve.

Convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson found dead inside an  apartment in Sydney

        Notorious paedophile found dead

Convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson has been found dead inside his Sydney  apartment
Dennis Ferguson

Convicted paedophile Dennis  Ferguson found dead. Source: The Daily Telegraph

A LAST ditch effort to ban notorious paedophile  Dennis Ferguson from all public parks and pools will be launched by police  today.

CONVICTED paedophile Dennis Ferguson has been found dead inside his Sydney  apartment, police confirmed this morning.  

Police said the body of a 64-year-old man was found inside an apartment in  Surry Hills yesterday. A NSW Police spokesman said paramedics found his body about 1pm and called  police. The  Dennis Ferguson case “The 64-year-old man was found deceased inside the home,” the spokesman  said. “A post mortem examination will be conducted to discover the cause of death  but initial inquiries suggest no suspicious circumstances. “A report is being prepared for the coroner.”

Paedophile Dennis Ferguson

Paedophile Dennis Ferguson sold  biscuits for the RSPCA in Sydney.

Dennis  Ferguson views himself as the victim It is understood his body had been in the apartment for several days before  being discovered. In 1987 Ferguson was jailed for 14 years after he and male lover Alexandria  George Brookes abducted three children from NSW, taking them to an Ascot motel  in inner Brisbane where the children were raped and subjected to vile and  indecent acts. Ferguson claimed he was innocent, accusing one of the boys he molested of  committing the crimes but a jury found him guilty of all counts of abduction and  assault of the three children. He was sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment by a  judge who noted there was no chance he would be rehabilitated.

Convicted pedophile Dennis Ferguson

Convicted pedophile Dennis  Ferguson released from the Wolston Correctional Centre in 2007 in Brisbane.  Picture: Philip Norrish

The Dennis Ferguson trial He was released in 2004, but authorities were forced to move him several  times from towns including Ipswich  and Toowoomba due to public anger at  his presence. He was eventually relocated to NSW. In November 2005, Ferguson was charged with sexually assaulting a  five-year-old girl at her home in the Queensland town of Dalby. In a rare legal  move, the judge granted Ferguson a trial without a jury, as he considered  Ferguson would not receive a fair trial by jury. Ferguson was released when the judge found that while the girl had been  molested while Ferguson and fellow convicted child sexual abuser Allan Guy had  been at her house, it could not be proved beyond reasonable doubt that Ferguson  had been responsible.

Convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson

Convicted paedophile Dennis  Ferguson restrained by NSW officers. Picture: Alan Pryke Source: The Daily Telegraph

In 2009, there was outrage when Ferguson’s presence was revealed to  neighbours in the Sydney suburb of Ryde,  prompting a public outcry that  forced the NSW government to change laws in order to relocate him. Ferguson  said at the time  he posed no threat to children in the general community,  but would consider chemical castration if it was deemed safe and effective. He also said people who were sexually attracted to children, over time, lost  interest in them. Ferguson last made headlines in July 2012, when he was spotted at Circular  Quay selling biscuits to raise money for the RSPCA.


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