Here are a couple of stories that I read and found very disturbing.

Couple offered son to paedophiles

Standing before an American court convicted of the most heinous of child sex crimes, Australian citizen Mark Newton and his long-term boyfriend Peter Truong had their double lives laid bare.
”Being a father was an honour and a privilege that amounted to the best six years of my life,” the American-born Newton, 42, told the court.
Moments later Newton was sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexually abusing the boy he and Truong, 36, had ”adopted” after paying a Russian woman $8000 to be their surrogate in 2005.
Police believe the pair adopted the boy ”for the sole purpose of exploitation”.
The abuse began just days after his birth.
Over six years the couple travelled the world, offering him up for sex with at least eight men, recording the abuse and uploading the footage to an international syndicate known as the Boy Lovers Network.
”Personally … I think this is probably the worst [paedophile] ring … if not the worst ring I’ve ever heard of,” investigator Brian Bone of the US Postal Inspection Service told reporters outside a court in Indiana.
District Judge Sarah Evans Barker said the pair deserved a harsher punishment but were tried at district court level to avoid subjecting a jury to the repulsive images that had been produced.
”What can be said? What can be done to erase some of the horror of this?” Judge Barker said in handing down her sentence.
Newton and Truong gave an interview to an ABC reporter in far north Queensland in 2010 about their battle to have a child as a gay couple.
Their search started in 2002 in the US, where they both were working, and when they did not have any success Truong travelled to Russia and found a woman who they ”clicked with personality-wise”.
She was paid $8000 and, as per their agreement, granted the couple sole custody of the boy, handing him over five days after his birth in 2005.
The family planned to return to Queensland and live in Cairns but that was delayed because Australian authorities initially refused to grant the child a visa.

That took another 2½ years and upon their eventual arrival in Australia they said customs quizzed them for hours. Police were also sent to the family’s house in Cairns to check up on the pair.
In the radio interview, 20 months before their arrest, Newton was asked if he felt the extra attention was because authorities suspected there was ”something dodgy … something paedophilic going on here”.
”Absolutely, absolutely, I’m sure that was completely the concern,” Newton replied.
Evidence before the US District Court revealed the abuse began before the couple arrived back in Australia. One video is said to show Newton performing a sex act on the boy when he was less than two weeks old.
And while they gave off the perfect image of a modern family to outsiders, Judge Barker said the pair brainwashed the child to believe the sexual abuse was normal behaviour. Newton was also said to have trained the boy to deny any inappropriate behaviour if he was ever questioned by authorities.
”These men submitted this young child to some of the most heinous acts of exploitation that this office has ever seen,” said Indiana US attorney Joe Hogsett.
Newton and Truong came to the attention of police in August 2011 after their connections to three men arrested over the possession of child exploitation material came to light.
The couple had visited the three men in the US, New Zealand and Germany with their son.
While the couple were visiting extended family in the US, Queensland police searched their Cairns home and found enough evidence to alert their American counterparts, who raided their Los Angeles base and took the boy into custody. Newton and Truong claimed they were being targeted because they were homosexual.
However, after arrest in February 2011, Truong gave investigators the password to the computer hard drives police had seized. They detailed the years of abuse, including instances where they had flown the boy between Australia, the US, France and Germany to record at least eight other paedophiles sexually abusing him.

Newton has been given the maximum sentence available in the US for conspiracy to sexually exploit a minor and possessing child pornography. Truong, who also pleaded guilty, will be sentenced shortly.
The boy remains in the care of extended family in the US.

Paedophiles are increasingly using live video streaming to film child abuse thousands of miles away, a shocking report reveals today.
Experts said abusers were preying on vulnerable children living overseas with the technology, which includes services such as Skype.
‘The children are made to engage in sexual activity in exchange for payment to the family or to an organised crime group,’ according to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.
‘The threat to children globally from sexual exploitation online can therefore only increase,’ the report said.
The annual assessment of child sexual exploitation and abuse also warned British child abusers were likely to target Brazil as it hosts the World Cup and Olympic Games.
Already the South American country is second only to Thailand for commercial sexual exploitation of children.
‘Our assessment shows that, sadly, there are still too many children at risk and too many people who would cause them serious harm,’ said Ceop chief executive Peter Davies.
Last year, Ceop received 8,000 reports of indecent images of children being shared over webmail – social networking for file-hosting services among users based in Britain.
There was a doubling of the number of images and videos on previous years to 70,000.
Girls under ten are increasingly being forced to feature in indecent images, with a 70 per cent rise over 2010-12.

The so-called ‘hidden internet’ – heavily encrypted pages that allow abusers to cover their tracks when accessing indecent images – was also a growing threat.
About 20,000 sexual offences against children are committed every year in England and Wales, according to police figures.
Policing and criminal justice minister Damian Green said: ‘These figures show how our understanding of child sexual exploitation has greatly improved in recent years.
‘Police are bringing more cases before the courts and significant sentences are being handed down to perpetrators.’
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

Is it possible to be a pedophile and to not be a pedophile at the same time? Of course it is. IN THAILAND. Let me explain:
Your Isaan stunner gets off the bus in Bangkok. She is met by her girlfriend(s) and they take her to a bar in Nana Plaza. On the trip to the bar they coach her on what to say. At the bar she lies to the bar owner about her age (if he even asks), and she lies to the mamasan about her age (if she even asks). Her I.D. card is issued and of course it is a lie She is now a ticking time bomb set to go off in any innocent farang’s face. She is UNDERAGE.
Later on, you are in the bar. You meet her and you invite her to your place. She does not look or act underage. You have to assume the bar is a responsible employer. In front of the elevators in the Nana Hotel, she gives her I.D. card to the security police. They examine it and approve it. On the way up to your room you should be able to relax. You should be safe from charges of paedophilia if she is underage. You are not safe. You are in Thailand.
If a situation develops and the police get involved, she will immediately tell them that she is underage. That is what she was taught to do by the other girls at the bar. The onus of social responsibility now falls 100% on you. You are now a PEDOPHILE. No mention will made of how this happened. No investigation will be run. No attention will be paid to the circumstances. Her girlfriends have counselled her wisely. She gets to walk and you are going to a Thai prison. In my case I wouldn’t live long. I wouldn’t be able to defend myself. This is girl power at its most frightening. You are now an international criminal. You will lose your freedom and you will lose your dignity. You will lose your money, your family, your job, your passport, your standing in the community, the love of your children, and possibly your life. All because of some underage liar. If the Thais understood the concept of ‘accident’ your risk would not be so great. But if you look up the word ‘accident’ in the Thai dictionary you see the word ‘farang’.
And how easy is it to be fooled? Very easy! People aren’t like trees. You can’t count their tree rings to know their age. Some people grow up and mature much much faster than others. Let me give you some examples:
1. I was once sitting at a table with friends at a Club Med resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. One of the wives pointed to a woman at the bar and asked us to guess her age. She already knew her age but she wanted us to guess. We all guessed that she was probably in her mid twenties, 24 or 25 or 26. She was 15! We misjudged her age by 10 years. That was 27 years ago but I still remember the way she looked. She was sexy, mature, sophisticated, and womanly looking. She was also a player. And she was a legal time bomb.
2. Personally, I once lived with a woman who was a grandmother at 32. She had gotten married at 14. She had her first child at 15 and her second child at 16 and raised them to successful adulthood. She was a very advanced human being at a very young age. Was her husband a pedophile? Apparently not because he married her. But if you are spending time with a woman you might marry; you are a pedophile.

The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival - Day 2
3. To give you another example, I was once escorting a woman named Lek into the Nana Hotel lobby. She looked young so I asked her age. I always ask if they look marginal. In her fractured English I thought I heard the word ‘seven’. Christ, I thought; this stunner is only 17! So I gave her taxi money and said “Choke dee”. I’m very careful. Later on I found out that she was really 27. I had misjudged her age by 10 years.
But no matter how careful you are regarding this issue, the odds and the charges are stacked against you. Everyone likes to talk about how dangerous AIDS is, but no one ever talks about this issue. Thailand is a very dangerous place for the nice man who just wants a woman’s attention. Let me throw out an idea that I bet none of you have thought of. Suppose Thai politicians decided to use the Farang Pedophile issue to get votes. And they put underage undercover police (deputized whores) in the bars. You would get caught. The fact that it is entrapment and circumstantially and legally insupportable legal behaviour will carry no weight. It’s Thailand. You are now a criminal. Be careful guys. I love you all. If she looks marginal; RUN.

Stickman says:
I would guess that somewhere between 2 – 4% of the girls in the farang sector are underage so if true, there is a very real chance that punters could get in trouble. There are a few unscrupulous bars who employ underage girls and there are underage girls freelancing. You are so right that this is something that is dreadful, and if one was caught and their photo plastered all over the newspapers and TV in their own age for having sex with underage girls, then one would have to question how they would be able to deal with it. I maintain that there is something not quite right about couples with a major age difference.

Eradicating child exploitation in Thailand

W ith the recent arrest of Norwegian paedophile in
Pattaya, Thailand is again a focal point for the foreign media.
Pattaya Mail interviewed Ms. Sudarat Sereewat, Secretary General of the Coalition to Fight Against Child Exploitation (FACE).
Sudarat became involved with FACE through her work with another organisation, the commission to study Negative Effects of Tourism on Third World Countries. Her work with the commission began in 1987 and concerned all adverse effects which tourism brought to developing countries.
Don’t ask why the child is doing this, don’t ask about the parents, or what’s wrong with the community and society. Ask what’s wrong with people who come across the world to rape children.
Sudarat recounts that when she began, she was aware that prostitution was one of the most visible. She also told us that at that time, she did not really believe that child sex tourism was actually a thriving business.
The Negative Effects of Tourism on Third World Countries’ original members were Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Philippines. As her counterparts in Sri Lanka and the Philippines had other government responsibilities, she volunteered to do the bulk of the research.
After trips to India, the Philippines and Sri-Lanka, she found that child sex-tourism was a major problem. She also found that in Sri-Lanka, 90% of the sex-tourists or paedophiles were white Europeans.
In 1991, Sudarat, her husband Dr. Kosol, and Mr. Ron O’Grady set up ECPAT or End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism.
PM: How did you plan to end child prostitution?
SS: We had three aims. The first was to raise awareness about the issue. This phenomenon was not widely known at that time and we constructed a campaign to make the international community know this was happening.
Our second aim was to raise awareness of the people in the serving countries. We wanted them to take a firm stand against this evil, which was often being ignored.

Our third goal was to induce the paedophiles’ countries of origin to prosecute offenders in their own countries – an ‘international law enforcement’ effort.
PM: Why do you think Asian countries were not doing more to stop this before?
SS: It was a question of attitudes, which are slow to change. Among one sector of society, the attitude in Thailand used to be that if boys were involved in sexual behaviour, there was really nothing wrong. They could not lose their ‘virginity’ and ‘boys will be boys.’ The law enforcement officers’ attitudes were rather similar. If boys were involved in prostitution, they were just ‘making extra money’ and the foreigners just ‘wanted sex.’ They didn’t give any thought to the psychological damage the children suffered.
The majority of society was shocked, though. They asked me “What is the world coming to? Selling young girls is bad enough, but young boys too?”
PM: Has the general attitude changed among law enforcement officers?
SS: Yes, it has. The judicial system began to see that abused children became abusers and procured children became procurers. The police realised that it was becoming a vicious cycle and began to give it a great deal of attention.
PM: There is still a considerable lack of faith in Thai police officers in other countries though.
SS: Unfortunately, there is justification of that lack of faith. There are still many dishonest police officers. It is very frustrating when I have to deal with these officers in my work as an advocate for children. Even though I officially work with the government, many officers are very evasive when I ask them details of cases. But many of the police officers are very honest.
PM: You said ECPAT campaigned to have foreign laws allow for cross border prosecution. Were you successful?
SS: Yes. Our first case was an Austrian physician who was caught in the Philippines. As the laws there did not have provisions for such cases, the Austrian government took up the case and he was prosecuted in his own country. After that, laws were enacted in Germany and then Australia. It was a victory for abused children.
PM: How did you continue?

SS: I contacted Interpol. At first, ECPAT did not want Interpol involved, as we were not a government organisation and Interpol is an international law enforcement agency. But the agency was very co-operative and sent 2 Swedish agents, a man and a woman. It was very encouraging.
The agents helped us arrest a Swedish paedophile in Pattaya in 1993. He was released on ‘bail’ of 150,000 baht. He then jumped bail and escaped the country. The Swedish government worked in co-ordination with us and he was brought to trial.
PM: How was he able to leave the country?
SS: At that time, and even now, the laws have weaknesses. There is no law prohibiting someone on bail from leaving the country. New immigration laws must be enacted to remedy this.
PM: Were there any other cases of paedophiles on ‘bail’ leaving the country?
SS: There was one which was given a lot of attention in the media. A Japanese paedophile was released on 50,000 baht bail. He left the country. When interviewed by the Japanese media, he announced that he had paid 50,000 baht bail and an additional 600,000 baht to police officers. This made dishonest officers realise that their actions were not secret and reflected badly on them and the country.
PM: What was the outcome of this?
SS: The Legal Mutual Assistance, which is a co-operative effort between prosecutors in different countries. Now, when there are inter-country arrests, the Thai police must provide all documentation done in Thailand to the prosecutors in the paedophile’s country of origin. This quickly exposed any law Thai law enforcement officer’s misdeeds.
The judicial system began to see that abused children became abusers and procured children became procurers. The police realised it was becoming a vicious cycle…
PM: How did the government sector react to this?
SS: It opened a lot of people’s eyes and new laws have been enacted. I still feel they are not tight enough, though.
PM: Any examples?
SS: There was the case of the Belgian paedophile arrested and released in July on 50,000 baht bail. He skipped the country and was caught in Belgium. The law enforcement official’s intentions are not always dishonest. Sometimes the existing laws work against them. We need more legislation. But we also need committed and trained people to do the needed work in stopping child abuse.
PM: What else do you hope will happen?
SS: We hope that more countries will change their laws so paedophiles will not be able to run to safety in other countries. We want people to understand that Thailand’s laws now specify that those abusing children or paying them for sex will be arrested.
PM: Many people use the excuse that children consent to sell sex.
SS: Remember, though, consenting or willing, sex with child is a crime. Most children whom I have talked with say they consented but were not truly ‘willing’ to do it.
PM: Why do you only talk about foreigners?

SS: I’m not saying that only tourists do this. Tourism is not the only factor. Child abuse happens in Thai families. But sexual abuse is different from children in commercial sex. Remember, my field is the negative aspects of tourism on third world countries. This is not the only negative aspect of tourism.
I’m not just talking about foreigners buying children. There are procurers, doctors, and others in Thailand who benefit from exploiting children in commercial sex. I’m not saying foreigners are more in number or more guilty than Thai people who sell them. What foreigners do is PAY MORE. This encourages procurers to approach and offer children to foreigners. There is even heavy competition between procurers in Thailand to provide better looking, younger and ‘newer’ children.
PM: Do you ever become frustrated?
SS: Sometimes, but I’m not fighting alone. All concerned government agencies are working on this problem.
PM: Do foreigners really pay that much?
SS: True paedophiles come to Thailand for one purpose and I have personally seen them pay $500 dollars for one sexual session with a child. That’s creating a market and encourages child abuse. The staggering amounts that paedophiles are willing to pay increases demand. We want to reduce demand.
PM: There are a lot of ‘sex tourists’ here.
SS: That is also a problem. It is also a matter between consenting adults. But paedophiles views cannot be changed. Those who engage in this activity must be prosecuted.
PM: If you could say one thing to people, what would it be?
SS: Yes. Don’t ask why the child is doing this, don’t ask about the parents, or what’s wrong with the community and society. Ask what’s wrong with people who come across the world to rape children.
Many times, the media comes and wants to talk to the child. They are willing to pay to have the child pulled out the foster home. They usually make offers to pay by the hour. The media wants to exploit the child in a different way than the paedophile. But any exploitation is traumatising. I wish the media would go to the paedophile and ask, “Why did you do this?”
PM: Thank-You.

pedophilia /pe•do•phil•ia/ (-fil´e-ah) a paraphilia in which an adult has recurrent, intense sexual urges or sexually arousing fantasies of engaging or repeatedly engages in sexual activity with a prepubertal child.pedophil´ic
ped•o•phil•i•a (p d -f l – , p d -)
The act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children.

This is what it tells us in the Dictionary.
I am not an educated person, in fact I only just barely made it to year 8.
I am writing from the Heart.
Not much, is it? But I just read a couple of Books written by Mike Fook. It is mostly written about Thailand. Thailand seems to be a haven for Paedophiles, why, I think in the poorer countries where Parents sell their children. It makes them easy prey for Paedophiles.
Another thing, I always thought of Paedophiles as middle age to old Man. But I have learned that there is no age limit . The lust for children for the use of sexual perversion is not something one does like a hobby or such. But paedophiles are Sick with an incurable Disease.
So what can we do? I have heard so many things from so called Experts, from re-education to surgical Castration. Why should either one help? If you can’t control a Cancer, cut it out. But what does it mean in our case. It is not a physical disease as much as a disease of the mind.
So what can we do?
This is my question to you!

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